Message from Principal

Message from Principal

message from principal

Namaste to all,

Manilek Secondary School located at one of the remote area of Nepal I.e., Melauli municipality-7, kada, baitadi was established with the help of our leaders late: Uddav Bahadur Chand in 2004 B.S.

At that time, to open this school was not easy. He motivated all and prioritize the importance of education in the society. Slowly people were motivated and started to help him. With the help of the donor from kada gaun , school got the space. Kada gaun bhat-bhatta donated around 49 ropanis of land and finally school started.

Today what we are from where we were its all because of those great human personalities whose help, contribution and their donations is the goodwill of this school today. Slowly we are on progressing way. We got license to start high schooling in 2051 B.S and similarly Civil engineering class in 2070 B.S.

As we know, to operate school successfully and smoothly, it is very important to organize various meetings with Teachers, Guardians and Local politicians and public differently and together according to the need of school. It helps to generate new Ideas, Resource collection and utilization etc.…etc... And we are doing it.

Realizing the importance of technical education in Nepal Education System, we are running Civil Engineering Class starting from Grade 9 and chances to choose their favorite subjects to the students of Grade 11 and 12. We have dream to organize different Technical subjects and Civil Engineering classes to implement in our school, and we are working hard on it as well. For this too, we need support to all the Guardians, Teaches and Local people. That’s why we are organizing different meetings and necessary seminars too.

Lastly, Despites of many ups and down, we would like to thanks to all the persons who directly or indirectly involved and contributed their efforts to bring this school from where we were and where are we now.

Dev Dutt Kalauni

- Principal, Manilek Secondary School